Laundry services are available and will be returned to you the next day. We do not wash underwear and swimwear; there’s some soap and a line provided in the bathroom for this.


Although it’s uncommon here, it’s important to protect yourself from malaria. Insect repellent is provided in the evenings and you will have a mosquito net over your bed. Your room will also be sprayed when the nets are put down with Dudu Flower insect repellent, which is left in the rooms for your use.


The water in the glass bottles in your bathroom is clean desalinated drinking water, but bottled water can also be purchased at the bar. All other water is brought by donkey from the well. Please be water savvy and recycle any used water by filling up the loos with it. We recommend that you bring your own re-usable water bottle for drinking water.


Shower water is heated in jerry cans out in the sun. Showering in the early evening with this water will guarantee a warm shower. However, you are able to shower at any time of the day.

Help is available to fill the shower if you need, just ask the room steward. If you would like a hot shower and it is late, extra heated water can be provided by the camp fire, please just let us know beforehand.


The flush toilets run on septic tanks. For some of the rooms, you have to self-fill the flush system from the water tank behind the toilet with the glass jug provided.


Please note that our solar system unfortunately CANNOT support your hair dryers.


To guarantee valuable items safety, use the wooden safe box in your room and keep/hide the key or hand over to management to safeguard. If there are any valuables you would like locked up permanently during your stay, we can lock them in the safe in our office.


At certain times of the year, it can get very cool at night. If you’re feeling chilly notify us and we can send blankets to your room.


lf you would like a morning tea/coffee wake up call or any drinks during the day brought to your room, let us know the evening before or as you are passing by.


They enjoy the rooms as much as we do! And sometimes leave a mess. Donkeys know how to open the doors, so you may wake up with one in your room if you don’t shut the latch on your door. There are day and night guards who do their best to keep them out.


For rain/wind protection, drop the shutters by undoing the string where they are rolled up or ask for someone to do this for you.


There are day and night guards scouting from the surrounding hills, chasing away monkeys and donkeys and generally keeping an eye without invading your privacy. We also employ a number of armed police depending on how many people we have, they patrol during the night and are stationed in different areas. They keep a low profile but if you bump into them don’t be alarmed.


If you need a helping hand with Child Care, please let us know there are many lovely ladies around the camp that would love to assist for a small daily fee.


Although we love sharing our equipment with you, we do ask that you take care of anything that you borrow and rinse and return them when you are done.


  • Reminder to take your flip-flops down to the beach, as the sand path can get extremely hot on the way back. We also advise that you wear shoes in the evening to avoid any boring bugs that might cross your path.
  • Rinse those sandy feet before climbing into bed to avoid a sandy bed!
  • With everything open air, it’s always good to briefly shake towels and garments before use.


  • A reminder to use cash when paying for marine park fees and staff tips.
  • You may want some extra cash to hand if you take a visit to Kiwayu village. Small hand-crafts and goods can be purchased here.